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    Porcelain Furnace
    Porcelain Furnace
    Porcelain Furnace
    Porcelain Furnace
    Porcelain Furnace
    Porcelain Furnace
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Product parameters


    Zetin Porcelain Furnace 


    The temperature control of Zetin Porcelain Furnace is accurate, the internal temperature of the furnace is even, the automatic lifting tray design has good sealing performance, and it is equipped with a low-noise oil-free vacuum pump. Zetin Porcelain Furnace is suitable for all kinds of porcelain powder on the market, such as IVOCLAR, VITA, NORITAKE, etc.

    .Technical parameters





    Heating Rate


    Temperature Accuracy





    220V,  50/60HZ

    Chamber Size



    380*320*610 mm ( L*W*H )

    Total Program No.

    100 programs (Can extend to 500 programs )

    Net Weight

    21 KG


    1、 Using heating evenly, no pollution, and long service life heating wire; 
    2、Can store 100 programs, including programs for  IVOCLAR, VITA, and NORITAKE, you can choose existing programs or set up other programs; 
    3、 PID intelligent temperature control system accurately controls the temperature. The temperature accuracy is ±1℃; 
    4、 Highly sensitive sensor, the measured vacuum value is more accurate;
    5、 Long service life,  low-noise, oil-free vacuum pump, don’t  need  to maintain;
    6、 Large color touch screen displays all the parameters and is convenient to modify the parameters;
    7、 Unique vacuum pipeline filtration design improves the service life of internal components;
    8、 Green environmental thermal insulation materials with excellent performance make the temperature more stable.

     Ⅲ.  Notices

    • The new furnace needs to use the No.32 program operates 5 times, then can officially use it to work.

    • When you change the program value, the temperature when the vacuum is released must be less than or equal to the max temperature.

    Package Including:

    • Porcelain furnace 20B 1 unit

    • Vacuum pump 1 unit

    • Sinter base 1 uint

    • Honeycomb plate 1 

    • Nails 1 bag

    • Fuse 10

    • Repair Kit 1 

    • Instruction manual 1


    Q,Are you the source production factory?
    A,Yes, Zetin has specialized in dental furnace produce for 10 years.
    Q, Do all the product has international certification?
    A,All the products have CE and ISO 9001.
    Q,Can we directly buy a furnace from your plant?
    A,Yes, we accept all kinds of dental furnace orders from different countries.
    Q,What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
    A,MOQ is 1 pcs.
    Q,How to place an order directly to your factory?
    A,You can consult with the online customer service, also you can leave a message on the website, or send an email to, or call on +86 18538256129, this number same to WhatsApp and WeChat.
    Q, How long is the furnace warranty period?
    A,1 year.
    Q,How long does the production take?
    A,It depends on the order quantity, generally 15 days after receiving the transaction payment.
    Q,What are the trading methods?
    Q,What are shipping methods?

    Customers can choose any kind of shipping method, by sea, by air, by train, express(UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT).

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