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The longer way to use dentures
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2021-02-01 | 2164 Views | Share:
        1. The elderly are relatively physiologically atrophy, and the gum height is also limited. It is especially important to wear full dentures. It is very important that the adsorption is strong or not. Generally, plastic is the first choice, which has the best adsorption. In addition, you have to find a person with many years of experience. The doctor will give a set of solutions, which will be firm and stable, and will not easily fall off.

        2. At the same time it is convenient to remove and put on, pay attention to the cleaning of the dentures, brush the teeth to remove the residue in the corners of the dentures, and perform regular disinfection, and prepare the denture cleaning tablets, take them out at night before going to bed, soak them in water, and cannot If you wear it for too long, your gums also need to rest. Otherwise, the gums will be compressed, the alveolar bone will be absorbed, and the dentures will easily fall off.