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How to make dentures?
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2021-02-01 | 2172 Views | Share:
        The fabrication of removable dentures is not complicated, but it is also a delicate job. It needs the patience and care of the dentist to make a comfortable, beautiful, and durable denture.

        The first step of making the removable denture is: The dentist should examine the remaining teeth, gingival mucosa, lip, and buccal, frenulum, tongue, alveolar bone, jaw, and temporomandibular joint, design the denture according to the patient's oral and systemic conditions, the patient's requirements and the hospital conditions, and decide which denture to insert, and adjust the abutment.

        The second step is to prepare the abutment and get the impression of the missing area and abutment and abutment area after the preparation of abutment.

        The third step in the fabrication of removable dentures is to put plaster or artificial stone into the impression, then turn it into an impression and fix it. The impression is the same as that in the mouth. It is on this model that the denture is made.

        Step 4: Make clasps and braces for the dentures. Clasps and brackets made from stainless steel wire or castings. These two methods can be used according to the situation of the denture.

        The fifth step: After the clasp is finished, the artificial teeth are arranged on the gap of missing teeth with wax as the base, and the shape of each denture is carved. Specifically, many dental clinics do not make their own dentures. Instead, they send patients' dental molds to a dental processing factory to make the molars. The material is engraved using dental engraving machines through CAD/CAM equipment (zirconia is currently the most popular material). A dental sintering furnace is used to sintering denture after engraving. This process can improve the hardness and abrasion resistance of raw materials. Need to bake after sintering, here will use a porcelain oven, baking is a very exquisite technical work, this step of the experience is very high, burn well will be very difficult to see waste over again. After the denture burns, only then completes, may notify the clinic the human to fetch, now is the express direct mail.

        Removable denture production step 6: denture model together in a specific model box, followed by the wax base bracket hot rinse, so that the wax part into the plastic filling. Then press the box, heat treatment, so that the plastic at a certain pressure and temperature to gradually complete polymerization, consolidation.

        Removable denture production step 7: heat treatment, wait for the natural cooling box. Open the model box, remove the removable denture, adjust it, modify the shape, and primary polish the denture.